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  • Connor,

    How high is your bf ?
    Age ?

    For a first timer, if your fat is low enough do test only first time.

    Winny is garbage.
    Anadrol is waaay to powerful and toxic for a newbie.
    Plus you need to see how you react to steroids and with this in mind, test e is the best choice as it is as close to normal natural test...500 a week for 12 weeks.

    You ll need an---
    hcg 125 x 3 times a week .... and a pct plan.

    Start a thread but do not say you want to start with winny and a drol or you ll get ripped. IK ll shut em down if they get toooo rude.

    i am about to take steroids for the first time and i was hopeing for some advice.
    i am a large build 6ft 16stone of a mix of muscle and fat, i want to loose the fat and bulk up.
    i am planing to stack winstrol and anadrol, i was wondering is there any problem with this and what else should i be taking e.g anti estrigen.
    would really apriciat the advice
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