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  • man bro i am real late getting back to ya. How have things been down your way? Any other guys on here from the other boards? I have talked to a few bros here and there. It seems a lot of the boards are going away.
    Gator!! You seem like a very reputable and reliable source. I have some questions and am looking for guidance in the area of anabolic steroids. I have never used before, but I am thinking about plunging into the dark side, haha. All jokes aside, I would really appreciate your advice and input on a beginners guide to anabolic steroid, specifically for my build and weightlifting history though. Thank you so much man. I'd appreciate an email if possible.
    Whats up bro, long time. Its RS. Hope you remember me from some boards from the past. Was over at Markys and over there at universal to name a few. Was lurking on here at work and came across your sig and was thinking no shit. Hope all is well down there bro.
    Thanks for the reply on my thread. Can you give me advice on Winstrol? I was going to do test e / Tren Ace cycle, was possible thinking about putting winstrol. This that more of an end cycle thing or can I run it for the same time?
    Hey bud. Long time no talk. One of my buddies from work just signed up, so I pop on her from time to time again. Drop me a msg and let me know how U are. Peace.
    gator whats up? had to go back to the slam for a pv but im out finally. havent heard from u for awhile.
    hey what sup man, thanks for the advice u told me i should do :
    Test 400 mgs 12 wks
    Tren 100mgs eod last 8 wks
    Anavar 40 mgs e/d last 8 wks
    Winstrol.....NEVER WINNIE!!!! 100 mgs eod 12 wks
    ...............i also have some d-bol and clomid....when do u think i should add that in
    I assuming youve done a few cycles. Id say 400 mgs cyp e/w 600 mgs, EQ ew, and Winstrol 100 mgs eod for 12 wks. Id inject the Winstrol for the best effects!

    Anymore questions, just shoot and make sure you have a trusted source with good gear. Theres alot of fakes out there right now.
    Refresh my memeory. What are your current stats, cycle history and goals or give me a link to the thread my man......;-)
    hey man, thanks for the input...i have one quick question, since i am still doing lots of research and trying to expand my knowledge...if i were to do the cyp/eq/winny stack, what mg per week would i be looking at for each, and how long would i rin them. oh and would u recommend takind arimidex or somethins similiar with this?
    You can use it as either according to diet. Id use no less than 600 mgs e/w for 16 wks. It hits slow and sometimes not until wk 6 but after that ya get slow keepable quality gains.

    Feel free to pm me if ya need a point in the right direction.....
    hey bro ive seen u talk on here about eq.have u ever did eq 200?what is it actully for cuting or bulking?i heard it was was kinda both u lose fat and gain quality muscle?thanks for any info bro.
    It fell through. I got stabbed in the back by Dirty D. He was full of lies so I opted out. Now I just Mod one board and hop around a bit.
    Glad to see ya got the promotion mang!!!!!!
    Hows life been?
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