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  • now the questions i want to ask you is:

    should i stop using the dianabol on weekends and only use it on the days that i workout?
    should i use a proteien shake or pre-workout shake or something extra, because i dont have allot of money to spend and want to concentrate on the most important things?
    when should i start using the novadex? directly after i used my last dianabol or should i wait a few days?
    do you think i will benefit from this cycle and not just lose everything i gained after the cycle?
    any other advice that you can give me i would appreciate allot?

    thank you so much for your time and sorry for all the messages but the system says only 1000 characters at a time.
    my eating program looks like this:

    6:30 - 6 weetbix and 3 raw eggs + 10mg dianabol + milk thistle + vitamins.

    10:00 - 2 slices of whole grain bread with cottage cheese and a bit of cucumber

    13:30 - 2 chicken breasts and a portion of brown rice + 10 mg of dianabol

    17:00 1 can of tuna with a slice of whole grain bread

    and for supper i eat whatever my mom prepares. she tries to keep it healthy.

    and i drink water through the day, everyday +- 2 litres.
    im going to tell you my plan and then maybe you can correct me where you think i am wrong. ( i am afrikaans speaking so please excuse my english)

    i have access to 10mg dianabol capsules (the white and pink capsules) and also i am planning on taking nolvadex as a post cycle. i am also planning on using milk thistle to protect my liver and vitamins just to be healthy.

    i try to eat as much as i can and gym 5 times a week. i plan on taking 30 mg of dianabol a day (10mg with breakfast, 10mg with lunch and 10 mg with supper) for 5 weeks and directly after that using the nolvadex, 2 pills a day (1 in the morning with breakfast and 1 at night with supper) for about 30 days. and i was planning on drinking the milk thistle pills in the morning with my breakfast everyday when using the dianabol. i also drink my vitamin in the morning with the milk thistle. i also will drink allot of water, because i know how important it is.
    i've been researching on dianabol for a long time now and was wondering if maybe you could help me? i would like to use dianabol for the first time now and was seeking advice.

    i live in south africa and i am 20 years old. i wieght about 76 kg and m height is 175 centimetres. i have been working out for atleast 4 years and through this time ive learned allot in the gym. i never used any previous steroids and after allot of research ive come to a conclusion that if i use dianabol the right way i wont suffer from any serious side affects and benefit from it. my goal is put on some muscle and look good and musculer. i dont want to look to big and want to weight about 83 kgs.
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