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  • Hey wassup Man. I need some guidance and help. Please. Its like everytime I ask a question on the board, I get the same message from a "Higher Than Thou" administrator telling me I'm too fat for steroids or my question gets ignored. I dont think thats nice or fair. I can always go to another board. I know I'm fat, I never should've posted that! lol But my question should still get answered. For future purposes. I DONT plan to do steroids. I weigh 255. I need to loose 50 lbs, at least. But my question is, I bought a combo clen/T3 product. Its 200 mcg, 30 mL, each one. I'm 5'10, 255 lbs. How much per day should I drink? I should spray it into my mouth with a syringe right? And how many times a day should I take it? I jog/walk on the treadmill machine 3 times a week for 45 minutes. The clen/T3 is just to help me, thats all. I'm also contemplating using just Clen by itself. I'm new to chemicals and dont want to hurt myself or O.D. on this stuff. ANY feedback will help! Thanks man.
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