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  • Hey Man. Jetlifter here. Thanks for responding to my 1st cycle post. Hope ya dont mind the message-seems like yur a true vet and those are the ones I listen to. Be safe. Let me know if I can add ya as a friend. here and was wondering if you can share yur experience using hygetropin.been training hard for 5 yrs trying to lose that extra fat is 500 bucks a deal for a cycle. any info will be appreciated.
    are you happy with the hygetropin? I'm starting a 4IU ED and wanted to know when should I notice something. How long until you noticed Body fat loss?
    any input on sylver phar? got some creatine and wondering if its legit
    Hello I noticed your picture and am going to start a cycle of test etc here soon and was wondering how you stack to get the results your getting etc Thanks Mike
    Hi JMeals. I work for CBS and I'm interested in speaking to you about the tanning pill that you were talking about. what is the best way to contact you?
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