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    Hi, join us here • Index page new high tech and exciting bodybuilding board men and womens section plus MMA and powerlifting..live chat with others. Many supplement sources on board.
    I figure i have put on about 8 lbs so far havent noticed a big change though, give me your email adress ill send you a picture
    nothing new here still trying to get in shape, haven't heard from you in awhile whats new with you hows the body and soul coming
    No im just trying to better myself but ya its my first time,its kinda hard to find supplies up here, how about you whats your story
    yes this is tru but dont take too many carbs or fast carbs like juice. oatmeal is a good thing to have 30min-1hr before workout. then cardio then protien.
    (for me thow i use high amount of sugar right after work out with protein but im bulking up so we dont have the same goals.

    some will tell you do cardio on an empty tummy with maybe some bcaa's. but if your goign to do lifting then cardeo i think a bit of oat meal would be a good idea before you start for energy.
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