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  • damn,bro! 6'-5"? you must get respect with a capital "R"! i am sure you'll gt back to 475, you ve a good attitude - so take it slow and easy on the shoulder. u EVER look into GH? I used it for my joints and it seemed to help repair my knees beyond my hopes. Only thing is that i have numb toes - so no perfect solutions - lol I'd race you to 20" guns....but you are too far ahead of me - maybe 21"? that should take me about 2 years i figure.....
    lol...last time i measured them my right arm was 19 3/4 and my left was 19 1/2 im shooting for 20" i hope lol....i doubt it im to old lmao!! well im trying to get back into my powerlifting regime,im recovering from shoulder impingement surgery this past jan and its taken me a long time to get my strength back,ive pretty much lost a year of heavy training,but im taking it slow,thise damn surgeries suck!!! i dont compete,i just have a goal of benching 475,i got to 425 before the surgery,i hope i can get it back,mainly i just wanna be bigger and intimidating lol,right now im 6'5 272 im wanting to get close to 285-290,so maybe i'll get there lol....love the ink man!!!
    Hey man I see you're in Northern California too - I just moved here (bay area) in the last year from the east coast and I love it! BTW thanks for the feedback on my post!
    thanks buddy... she is such a great girl too... when im with her it's like im on X...

    hope all is well with you brother, enjoy life :)
    Why you feelin small? Didn't you keep most of your gains? You're coming up on number 2 soon aren't you?
    lol.. Vitamin T! Got to get me one of those. You postin much over there any more? I know you weren't that much before I left.
    i believe the oatmeal brings down cholesterol. not 100% sure though.

    i'm thinking of probably starting in a month or two so that by summer i'll be in my pct and looking good ;)
    hey man! yup finished the m1t and the pct. my blood pressure has decreased some and i just picked up some hawthorn to decrease it more and faster.

    i believe i just found a source so hopefully when i get the money together i'll be starting my first cycle of test e!
    LOL - Too funny - how old is she? Wher do you live in CA? My mom was from TO - still have cousins in the area - great city - how'd u end up there as a us marine?
    lol i know...yeah i try to be fair ...and understanding to her...she is all i have that i love more than well anything...lol but it sure is a challange...she is like my best friend too...she sees a girl look at me she will hold my hand and giggle....
    yeah i do her name is Krystyn...i call her Budda...lol she is also my pride and joy and me being on gear things she says to me just make me cry....lol its the gear ...lol but yeah she is all the motovation i can ever want.....cool man i take it ur doing this on your own?? cause i am..
    lol yeah took me awhile t get that going so i look at that as freedom 45..thats when i plan on retireing...hey is that ur lil Guy in the pic....
    hey bro yeah i always try to be on point...thanks man glad i can help out..
    somebody I know who is very reliable and knowledgeable told me that this is completely legit: gearsuperstore.xtreemhost.com -- sounds better at least than having something go through Customs.
    The DEA people were cool... The cops were cool too. It wasn't cool being surrounded at gunpoint in a parking lot, though. And no... I got charged bc I wouldn't flip on any of my buddies. The DEA dropped their case and let the state of Colorado have it, bc I was too small time. I wasn't a dealer... Just a guy who was getting some stuff that was basically paying for my stuff. For maybe a couple of months. I got 60 days work release and 5 years probation. I got off probation after 2 years bc they couldn't even test for juice and I was pretty much a model probationer.

    Not a fun experience.
    Hey Man - missed this a few days ago - Thanks looks like a good read. Funny as hell too 'cause Dog crap was an unfortunate nickname in college - stepped in a big pile on my way to my gf's aptment and didn't notice 'til it was too late... (new carpet too...) relationsip didn't last too long. hahahaha
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