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  • hi..i am from india.i am new to this board and also new to bodybuilding.i have started working out since 2 months.i am wondering if i should use d-bol or not.i am 23 yrs old and just 132 lbs( 60 kgs ). right now i am having creatine and whey protein along with my diet.
    so shall i use d-bol 20 mg per day? i have 100 tabs of d-bol (blue hearts ).
    i have read about pct for d-bol on the internet.our trainers at the gym do not have any knowledge of anabolic steroids and the pct's.he told me to have 20 mg d-bol everyday but he did not mention anything about the pct!!
    in india the place where stay,i dont have any access to nolvadex and clomid.but at the local medical store i found a tab in the name of tamoxifen citrate.but it didnt have the name nolvadex on can i use it my pct??

    is pct really requred with 20 mg d-bol per day? because few of my friends used 20 mg per day without the pct done at the end.they did not have any such problem like itchy nipples n all..

    plz reply...
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