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  • The pic is an old pic. Probably about 32 yrs old. Taken after losing a lot (too much) fluid and after pumping up, but combine the too and it looks good. LOL Playing around with my weight and fluids actually put me in the hospital and forced me to take a few years off getting healed and keeoing an eye on my heart. Long story. I was only consuming something like 1100 calories a day, cardio hard, mid weight/high rep workouts and the dreaded running!
    Is that U in the PIC? If so, how long ago was that taken? Reason why I ask is cause I am 39, coming off a mass PH cycle, have about 20+ years of wgt trn exp and would love to get ripped like that. Now I know diet and cardio play a huge roll but I am a mesomorph and have had trouble retaining mucscle in the past on a cut cycle. I really like being big and strong but would really like to cut the mid section down, know what I mean. Any help in this area as U obviously have foud the key, unless that one thing I don't really have is involved, GENETICS! Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
    Which test you use depends on your intentions and what you want..for example is this a one time cycle just to get back into shape or is this simple the first cycle of many more to come? Generally the same should be true about the types of test available now as was available before (availability again depending on your area of course..or maybe not considering all of the reputable sources available online these days) generally there is still Test suspension and anadrol (both virtually the same thing on in pill form one in aqueous solution) both the fastest acting and most powerful as well as the most dangerous.. then of course test proprionate (fast acting), test cypionate (slower than prop but faster than enanthate), enanthate of course , and dianabol. There are of course lots of new types but really they are all just blends of these previously mentioned types and actually generally less effective because you don't get the best out of any of them. Luckily I live in south America and can buy anything over the counter so I get to try them all..but basically nothing has changed since the last time you did this. If you have any other questions let me know, you can email me directly at bodypharm@gmail.com
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