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  • Hey cant wait to try those guys but since ur from canada i figured id ask if u ever tried pareto ever too? Before i talked to u i got tnt off them and cialis. Cialis is crazy good but it might just be cause thats how tbol is but i didnt think i got much from it, first time doin tnt so i dont know how to compare, gunna try ur buddy next anyways but was just curious
    Who r u using for peptides these days? I still get bombarded with emails from extreme peptide
    Hey fellow canadian! I remember you from when i was on years ago and i just looked back at a post about canadian domestics, thought youd be a good guy to talk about some of the things that changed since i been gone!
    Thnx 4 the reply brotha, bummed by the answer however haha!! Sources
    Are going to hell in a hand basket!!
    Hey there, 0 posts I have little to offer. Just finishing my second cycle. I am looking to bridge with GH over the summer. I see stupid expensive and stupid cheap prices out there. My guy has Norvotrop for a wopping $800.00 per kit 100UI. I was reading your post about reputable GH and was hoping you could provide some feedback on a site you trusted to order GH from Canada from.

    I will post and add to the community once I have things figured out, at the present time I just don't feel I have much to offer.

    noticed you had the Norvatrop, any cloudy vials when mixing? i bought 3 kits and mixed 3 of the 10ui vials with 1ml of bacteriostatic water, in the appropriate, sterile manner and keep getting cloudy solutions with tiny, undissolved particles. Product was properly sealed from the box to the vials, and stored properly. Is it all just bad, denatured stuff?
    yeah bro, it says In Grape Seed Oil then STERILE right underneath aha sorry i can't reply through mail, what should i do?
    Thanks for the tip. I'm going to continue on at a higher dose and hope to see some results. 40 mg a day. Sure sux getting screwed over. I hope I was just using to small of a dose the first time ( 20 to 25mg a day ).
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