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  • I wasn't able to PM you but this is in response to your message.

    Yes, thank you and I believe I found that out the hard way when I did my first cycle ever of test 250. I was playing running back in football and ran a guy over when I lowered my shoulder and out it went. I believe it was caused by the test because i was about 2 weeks out of my cycle and I was injecting in my delt.

    Another thing is there any recommended workouts you could provide while I'm cycling?
    Alright bro. warm the gear and use 25g.

    Bulking and cutting and conflicting. Bulking requires excess calories, cutting requires less.

    First, I would make sure you have a good diet, less processed foods ie. bread, excess fat, anything in a box. Keep it simple. Lean meat, veggies, etc. No shit food after 7pm. only lean protein and greens. maybe some powder.

    As far as the workout goes. If you workout hard, regardless of the program you will get the benefits with gear.

    I like to get strong so I do low reps. Check out some of the journals and that may help you.

    If you want to get lean, do a little cardio and eat clean. Lift hard, drink water, get good rest, eat clean.

    good luck!
    hey how long did it take you to get to 180?
    deadlift is awesome big t, it really work everything, hows the finger? hope well.
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