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  • those numbers showed up instead of hangul, i don't know why... but i meant "bin hyeol juhng" for the first one and "dong mul pyeong weon" for the second, sorry about the crappy romanization. If I buy from my friend there who is a bodybuilder I think he'll jack up the prices, bc personal trainers don't make a lot of money in korea "relatively" and he spends 3,000,000 won a month on his gear,food,supps.

    thank you so much for any advice you can spare
    hey, i was googling around about steroids in korea and I saw you posts, which is actually why i made this account lol.

    I went to school in korea for 2 years, and will be going back pretty soon with enough time to run a 10 week cycle and a solid pct. I was waiting for my return to korea to do my first cycle and i was hoping you could help me out.

    I'm pretty fluent in korean "all my classes were always taught in korean", and i wouldn't have any trouble telling the doctor that i have ***48712;***54792;***51613; "anemia".

    do you think i could go this route and just lie to the doctor and get a prescription for the test, pct and hcg?

    or should I order online? my friends told me steroid possession isn't a big deal in korea but i'm not sure.

    3rd option would be going to ***46041;***47932;***50557;***44397; "vet pharmacy" and getting low dosed stuff, but i doubt they sell pct products, or hcg for that matter

    So if you could just take a few minutes to give me some advise i'd be SUPER happy
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