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  • I know u probably get slot of messages. So thanks for the reply. BTW, I'm an ear nose and throat doc. So if I can ever help ya with anything let me know. tmqdoc@yahoo.com.
    No steroid heals injuries. Period.

    However, deca does have anti inflammatory properties which will help worn painful joints hurt less when training...therego it s popularity i m o .

    I see nothing wrong with using it except for the risk of training to hard, to fast and risking re-injury.

    Compounds that have heavy adrogenic properties have alway s appealed to me. I don t cycle over 200 mg of test a week -10 days anymore..with some deca every other shot. Probably placebo but, I ll take it.

    IMO your test to deca ratio should be 1-1 at least..2-1 is a good guideline but we all respond differantly. Deca last s forever, lol, as long as your libido and erection s remain satisfactory I would not sweat it.

    Just my opinion of course. Time heal s injuries..good luck Doc. Hope you help someone soon > : )
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