1st shot....and stuff


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well here is my cycle dbol 35 mg day, and 500 mg test week. for 8 weeks i have been doing dbol for the last 3 weeks, and now just yesterday i did my first shot of testovrian (or however you spell it) depot . i admit i was a little shaky, because i diddnt wan to mess anything up, but i just relaxed and went for it. the whole thing took under 10 mins. and now i feel so much better that i got some test im me :) i cant wait till the stuff kicks in. as for sorness i have a little in the spot where i injected, feels like i was punched there...and now i have a small bruise feeling. as for my weigh difference since i started dbol 3 weeks ago, i am at 201 now and i was 194, so 7 bls isnt bad, 2 more weeks of dbol, and by then the test should take over, i an eating 3500- 4000 cals a day, and a few times in the past weeks i hit 4600 cals!, i will post picks after my cycle

dude, where are u getting 35 mg d bol? they dont make 35 mg d bol... on the other hand d bol is good shit IMO I have put on 12 lbs in 3 weeks....test is awesome too just make sure ur diet is right to get the most out of it
run the test 10 -12 weeks depot is just starting to kick in after 4-6 weeks ,it is a long acting ester , but everything else sounds good
thank you for the replies, i am getting 2 more weeks worth of test so it will be a 10 week, plus it takes 2 weeks to get out of me, so its kind of like 12 weeks :) i diddnt know that it took that long to work, i thought it only took 2-3 weeks till it starts kicking in. im hoping to gain at lest 25 lbs off this cycle. my diet is good so i shouldnt have a problem. ohh and last 2 days ive been getting lower back pumps, and i have a bloated stomach, i can live with it though. i increased my water intake a bit. also i am taking 8 milk thristle capsules a day (1 every 2 hours or so) and drinking cranberry juice. i have noticed a few more pimles than normal :( i am prob going to see a dermatologist , to get some stuff for that. still at 201lbs
ahhh crap i just got sick yesterday...i couldnt eat anything stomach hurt so bad from spewing, i still have a fever. all i had yesterday was a packet of oatmeAL. witch isnt good. so now here i am and i lost my appetite, and 6 lbs
don't worry....that shit happens to me all of the time when I go to Las Vegas....I loose like 4-6 pounds in 2 days and then I get back home and get on track and I gain it back in a day. Just don't get discouraged!
well it will be week 4 officialy(spelling) wed. and the test i dont think has kicked in or anything, actually i dont know what to expect?? or how i will be able to tell. today was my 9th injection so far and i havent gained any weight yet :( im actually at 195, i can tell i lost alot of weight in the gut, especialy after loosing 10 lbs after the dbol and getting over the flu, but i have good news i benched 305 today. when does the weight gains start ..4-5 weeks i was told