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I've spent several hours researching and still feel a bit confused as to how best procede. I'm just starting to get my gear in the mail and am ready to start injecting in a few days. I could use some serious help.

I'm 36 y.o. 6"4 230 lb with about 12% bf. I'm mainly looking to cut up and gain a little size at the same time..but dont want to bulk up to much.

I started by ordering Winstrol Depot (Zambon) and Spiropent (Clenbuterol) ..then after some reading also decided to order TESTOVIRON DEPOT (test enanthate) to try and add a little extra muscle.

I'm going right off charts from the net as far as the cycle.

Winstrol- 100-300 mg/week for ?? weeks. ( unsure.. 8 maybe less.)
Test - 500 mg/week for ?? ( unsure.. 8 maybe less.)
Clenbuterol - 2-5 tabs per day..2 weeks on 2 weeks off.
Clomid (Looks like I need to buy some of this for use at end of cycle).
Hgh- I'm also doing a small dosage of this at about 1 IU per day..more of an anti aging than body building. I'm on my 2nd month of taking this permanently and not cycling it.

I'm looking for a critique of the cycle above but here are my more pressing clueless newbie questions:

1. Would anyone have a suggestion as to how best take my dosages.
My syringe is 5ML (looks like 250mg capacity if the conversion I saw is right) so I would have to break the test into 2 separate injections regardless. I would have to break the Winstrol (winny) into 2 injections on my 300mg dosage weeks as well.
I seem to be looking at 2-4 injections per week?
also..Is it ok to mix Winstrol (winny) and test in the same syringe if I can work it out with the dosages?

Currently I'm planning:
Test: 250mg 2x Week?
Winny: 100-300mg 1x Week?
Hgh: daily 1IU

3 total injections (excluding the hgh) and popping the clenbuteral daily?

2. I really feel like a dumbass for asking this but doing a forum search I couldn't find an answer. I got the Winstrol and some needles/syringes in the mail today. Looking at the Winstrol (winny) ampule container..how do you extract it? Do you stick the needle thru the ampule and extract or is there another method I dont' see? I know this is probably a dumb dumb question..but I'm starting from ground zero here.

Thanks in advance!
Hey bro, No disrespect but you need to do a little research by using the search engine. Amps open up by snapping the neck off. Try using the top off of a bic ink pen to snap it off with. Also on your cycle do a little more reading and you will learn alot more about cycles. Hope this helps some.
no disrespect

I've put about 6-8 hours into searching and reading this board. I asked the questions I didnt find an answer for. I have to admit my research was from 2 weeks ago when I first placed my orders.. and l've probably forgotten some info. I'm limited on time and trying to get some help to save some. I was afraid my questions were insultingly stupid..but you have to start somewhere. If you can offer suggestions cool...if not..I'll keep searching and reading post. I'm willing to pay my dues to learn like everyone else.
Test Enan 500mg pw weeks 1-10 (frontload 750mg or 1g)

Winny Not sure - I've only done the orals!

Clen 2 week on 2 week off. Start on one tab and increase by one tab every day until sides (shakes) too intolerable (usually in the 5-8 range). Next day drop down one tab to "tolerable" level. On second "cycle" of 2 weeks start tabs at say 4 a day if you finished at six last time and increase from there as described above.

ml has no direct correlation to mg for barrels as different injectables have different masses. Test Enan 250mg normally comes in 1ml vial. Do 2 inj pw.
Bro I've been researching on and off for about two years and still don't know everything. You def need to do a little more research.......there is a lot more to know then just how long to go on and what to use. Just my two cents
Hi bro,
You're on the right track w/ your research, but believe me, 6 to 8 hours of reading on the boards is just scratching the surface.
Keep reading and communicating w/ us and it'll be OK.
BTW, testosterone by itself can be a bang-up first cycle, 400 to 500 per week, w/ test enenth I'd do twice a week injections. You might want to save those fine Zambons for later.
Definitely get your Clomid and/or Nolvadex NOW.
BTW, I was on an anti-aging dose of HGH when I started too. I'd just continue that as you indicated.
Read on, bro!
10 weeks of Ethanate as Buffdoc said 400-500mg is pletny, plus you will learn how your body responds to test, to asess future dosage considerations. If you do add winstrol, add it weeks 8-12, 50mg eod is plenty, but I wouldnt add it at all, save if for a future cycle.
As the above bro's stated....educate yourself bro.

Here's an outline for you when you are ready to begin. Hope it helps. (Based on what you said you had access to)

Weeks: 1-9 Test Enthanate 500mg/week
Weeks: 8-11 Winstrol (winny) 50mg/EOD (If you want to add Winny)
Weeks: 11-14 Clomid Therapy
Weeks: 11,12....15,16...19,20 Clenbuterol

Milk thistle
Flax/Fish Oil

Be sure your diet is in check. Someone your size should at LEAST be taking in 300 grams/protein. Watch the carbs since you are trying to lean out. Consume "healthy fats" x-virgin olive oil, flax, fish.

I'm not sure what type of needles you have from your comment. Check out this site: Reasearchkits.com
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Thanks for taking time to advise..

Thanks for everyone who took time to offer advise. I'm good to go on at least getting started and moving forward in my knowledge from here.
Re: no disrespect

sterling90 said:
I've put about 6-8 hours into searching and reading this board... I'm willing to pay my dues to learn like everyone else.

;) Try 6-8 hundred hours, you can't plan a first cycle and really know what you're doing from one evening of reading... :)

Agree with the test only comments.

Clen dose may be a little low, varies by individual quite a bit, check the Celn article in the Articles section.

You should get 3ml(cc) syringes, with a 20g 1.5 to draw, then switch pins to a 23 or 25g to inject.