40 40 20 diet to get lean?

Yeah that would be a good start....

Also, remember that ECA stack, clens, T3 , AAS, and GH...will affect how well you loss fat and keep the muscle...

If you got any questions about this...Let me know

thanks chris for the info. i take an eca stack. but none of the others i will check into them.

thanks again
You know you can stack an eca with a no-ephedra thermogentic for faster results. (that is if you didn't want to use clean or stanz etc.) if you know what your BMR is then you have a good starting point i'll try find a link for you or maybe someone else could help out with the BMR calculation. I genrally would stick to 10x Bodyweight or 2 weeks and see how that went then if no progress decrease cals by 500cals a week till i would start to lose fat.
Ohh I've heard that a good ration is 50% diet 40% training and 10% gear so remember that if you are going to use steroids then do your reasearch and make sure your diet and training is sweet because with alittle fooling around you could get your results with diet and training. I dont klnow you might know alot allready it's just my 2 cents