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Hello everyone, this is my first post here and i really need some advice.
if someone was to brew test enanthate with 5% benzyl alcohol and no benzyl benzoate at 250mg/ml and the resulting injestions were painful, is there anything that can be done to reduce the pain and keep the concentration at 250mg/ml.
is it possible to mix more powder with oil without BA, filter it and mix it with the original gear with the 5%ba?
should i try adding BB? would that help?


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BA shouldn't cause pain. Yes you can add more oil(make sure to refilter unless already sterile) but make sure to add more powder as you said to compensate and keep at 250mg. But, something is off, as adding more oil plus powder will keep you at the same point your at with painful injections. Are you sure you used the right ratio's? Whats the break down? And ya, start a thread in chem study.

Too many varibles to tell exactly whats causing it, was the hormone dissolved fully? Why didn't you use BB in the first place? You can also cut down the BA to 2%.
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Test E doesn't require bb to go into solution and 2% bs is the norm. BA isn't painful so it seems there is another issue.


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BA allows crystallization of the hormone in the site of injection. BB acts as co-solvent thus keeping the powder in solution for absorption hence reducing pain.

This does belong in CS.

Use BB like everyone else.