50 mg Winny Tab


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Is Winstrol (winny) fast acting? How long does one start to see results, or know they are on it. Will strength increase first, I start the Winstrol (winny) tomorrow on my sus 250 cycle. 500mg sus week 1-10, week 8- 13 50mg Winstrol (winny) ed. Ldex=.25 ED and clomid w/ nolva on hand. week 8 starts tomorrow. Thanks
I noticed it in about 1 week..but that was at 100mg a day...but it could of been all in my mind also... I think you will like the results you are going to get with it.... just look out for the sore joints
I can also tell that I am one it within the first week of use. After a couple weeks I start seeing some increased vascularity and muscle hardness.