750mg ICN Test


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What do you guys think is the best way to take 750mg of Test a week. 500 mg on Monday and 250mg on Thursday. Or just inject the entire 750mg every 7 days.
I would do one of two things;

1- do an amp EOD, but that will put you at 875 mg/week

2- fill a multi-dose vial up with it and then you can do 1.5 cc twice a week.
Its enanthate. Shot it once! The ester wont let your blood levels move that much. Obviously shooting EOD or twice a week will keep them a little more constant, but its not anything that will be noticable.
Personally the way I would use 750 mg of the ICN's would be 1.5 ml's twice a week. Monday and Thursday. Thats how I have used those in the past and I have liked the results. Of course, as long as you stay within the drugs parameters, its more or less just personal preference with an ester like that.
maximus said:
Is it ok to preload the syringes so I don't have to deal with the amps?

Why don't you just pre-load one when you do the first shot of the week. ie; open 3 amps, inject 1.5 cc & pre-load the other 1.5 for your next shot.
Normal price internationally is about 7$ an amp. Domestically I have seen people pay gym prices of 15+ an amp. I think it is worth it at either price though. It is a superior product that is overfilled and underpriced.