A competition in a year


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I am a 17 year old girl. I have got my first trainer when I was in 6th grade. Since then I have been working my way around the gym learning new things and the correct technique. I now have a stellar work out. I do split days. I eat correctly lots of protein and low low carbs, drink lots of water etc. I have decided to take my training to the next step. I would love to do a Fitness Figure girl competition.

My questions are:

1. What do the judges look for?
2. I have strength, but how do I gain more strength just in upper body. My lower body gets stronger every leg day.
3. I want ripped arms any suggestions?
4. How do I find trainers in my area that work with people just for competition purposes?

Hope someone can help. Its a goal and I will achieve it!
Before my wife did her first show, we went to as many shows as possible. Figure is still very new and nobody really can say "what the judges are looking for." She came in looking what everyone thought was an ideal figure physique, and took 2nd. Some judges told her she was too muscular, while others told her she needed to add muscle. Yes, you can talk to the judges for their opinions AND you get your score card afterward. My best advise is to pick a show, there is nothing more motivating than a deadline, and just look your best. Each one is a learning experience. another piece of advise is to find someone who competes or has done shows. They can answer your diet and training questions better because they can see you do the lifts, review your diet, and help make modifications as needed. How do you find these people? Start going to BB/ fitness/ figure shows in your area
I'll add to what angerout said. Another thing you need to do is find that one person who is going to help you and STICK with that person alone! A lot of times people try and take advice from more than one person and end up getting confused as a result of difference in opinion! The first show is definately a learning one! My first show was just that. I also want to point out the how great you make yourself feel afterwards. You put so much into the show and it is ALL worth it! I had a ton of people ask me how much money I win if I win the show and they couldn't believe it when I told them nothing, I just get a trophy! I compete for the love of the sport of bodybuilding and the feeling I get when I am onstage and look the best I can! Good luck and have fun!

Sounds like your parents made you get a trainer at that age. No KID wants to improve their health.
lots of luck fitgirl! i began competing in figure when i was 19, and i had problems with several different trainers with VERY different opinions as to what i should look like. i ended up dropping the trainers altogether and deciding for myself what i was comfortable looking like and maintaining, then i just visited a posing coach. when i was finally happy with myself and my body, i put it all together and placed 2nd, then 1st in my next two shows. it was definitely a learning experience, and as angerout mentioned, it can be confusing as to exactly what the judges want. the MAIN thing you need to focus on is not necessarily how muscular you are, but how PROPORTIONAL and SYMMETRICAL you are. some girls can carry a tremendous amount of muscle without looking too big, b/c their frames can handle it, while girls with smaller frames can easily look bulky. make sure your shoulders and hips match as closely as possible, and never forget~ IT'S NOT WHAT YOU GOT, IT'S HOW YOU SHOW IT OFF! POSING is EVERYTHING!! best of luck and post some pics!