AAS and surgery


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I'm having my knee scoped on Thursday/Friday. I took 250mgs of enanthate on Sunday, and have been taking 500mgs split up into two injections (Sunday, Wed) so for the previous weeks. I'm skipping the wed injection this week. Am I going to have any complications with anestisia (sp) or medications?
I was on when I had surgey but I dont think it was too smart because I dont know if it interfere's with the anastisia but I can tell you I healed rather quickly also it is prolly a waste of gear for you because knee surgery sucks and you may have to take a few weeks off...sorry I cant be of more help on this subject
Thanks for the help anyway man. I'm hoping I'll heal pretty well. I know I won't be able to do legs, I just wanna be able to walk again!!
There should not be any anesthetic/drug interactions based on what you've told us.
Good luck w/ the arthroscopy.
BD when would there be a complication? Doesnt Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) have some effect if they put me under?