Acne Grotesque Skin ?? Anyone Anyone


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hey guys just curious what majority of members have like ridiculously acne coated skin while on or tapering off a cycle......... i use to have it so bad when i first started but it's under control and i still break out but not as bad as i use too....... wake up everyday and find a new pimple no matter how much fucken showers i take or retin a i use......... anyone else have bad acne probs

My acne is weird, it does not seen to flare up when I think it will, sometimes..

Sometimes I break out literally for no reason at all when I am clean as a whistle, & other times I break out like mad...

I know there is much debate on the following, but for me, I acutally believe food & diet has something to do with it...that is the one thing I do recognize when I start breaking out, is usually when I have not been eating "clean"..

you taking any l-dex? some people have reduced breakouts when on it.

Also, are you exfoliating, using an astringent, etc...? That is the best help IMO.
I use tea tree oil soap in showers..... if i run out i am always on some type of generic brand of anti bacterial soap my mother always buys...... however one shitty thing about this is that i have acne scars on my body they fade away wit time and tanning but seriously these cocksuckers are a pain in the ass........ i take like 3 showers a day and use retin a also.............. retin a works wonders but the drying of the skin is horrible..............
I know how you feel guys....

I have the same problem, it got lots better but now I'm fighting against acne scars.

This shit is a nightmare.
I just went to the doctors about mine...i went in hopes of getting acutan prescribed, but instead he prescribed me tetracycline b/c its easier on the liver and i wont have to get blood tests done while on it...seems to be working pretty well on my back the 3 days i've been on it..
I was on tetracycline for two years. It works very well. I continue to use Retin-A Micro every other nite along with Emgel and Desquam-E (benzoyl peroxide 5%). These are all prescribed meds, but trust me it is worth the hassle of goint o see a dermatologist. He/She will just write you a script and you will go merrily on your way. While I was on cycle I hardly broke out, and when I did it was easily treated. (no acne scarring) Anything else I can help you with just ask bro