Advice Did Not Work...


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Hey guys... I have been a member for over 3 years now, and I was thinking of enhancing my ability to grow via AS and you all talked me out of it, positing that I should wait until I was at least 150 Lb and telling me to eat and lift, rather than start a cycle at that time.

Over the past year, I have tried just that, and with no success. Here is my composition:

6' 2"

140 Lb

29-30" waist

Completely Healthy

I had my bloodwork done and posted some months ago, and all was well. I'm really desperate for an A.S. cycle now, because this sucks!

Tried some weight-gainer, and nothing happened... Now, I just relocated to 2 doors down from my gym, so I have plenty of opportunity for growth, but I just want a recommendation:

A.S. or gH for someone in my situation (who completely seems to lack growth-ability)...


First off - I'm glad you listened and tried natural first. But I get the distinct feeling you went about it a wrong way.
You tried a weight gainer and it didn't work? That's just too weak to make your call.
To give you an idea, when I bulk, I eat 8 times a day. And I would wager I would gain more like that naturally, then you under your conditions with added gear.
I would like to help you out. Please post your diet so we can see what went wrong. There is no way 140lbs should be your natural limit.

If you decide to take gear, try the typical test cycle.


how long have you been lifting? weight gainer's will help but you need to be getting your macro's and plenty of them. i've been lifting for 8 years, and plenty of people at my stage would claim to have hit a plateau. im constantly changing up my routine when i get stale and hit a wall, and im constantly getting a little bit stronger here and there. the point is, your not growing, but 99 percent chance you can be if you switch your diet and training style up. post a sample diet and routine, and i'd be glad to critique it and tell you why your not growing.


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Don't get mad when I say this, but you obviously haven't tried that hard.

You really don't understand how much you have to eat. When bulking my diet looks something like this:

1 - chicken breast/oatmeal
2 - chicken breast/oatmeal
3 - weight gainer shake
4 - chicken breast/oatmeal
5 - PWO weight gainer sha
6 - chicken breast/oatmeal
7 - chicken breast/oatmeal

I change the chicken breast with steak or tuna, and the oatmeal with potatoe, yams or whole wheat pasta. Sometimes I also include a high calorie "junk" meal, but you don't have to.


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Don't be an idiot. At 6'2 140 no are NOWHERE NEAR ready for steroids. You are not eating enough to grow period.


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yes, how old are you and it appears that you are just not taking in enough calories, that is the hardest and biggest thing that will make or break you.

I do not think you understand the amount of calories you must consume to grow, expecially if you have a fast metabolism, which at your size you must have

Eat more!

good luck


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Can't agree more with everyone! Sounds like you need lots more food! Steroids are a good addition, but diet and good calories are everything when it comes to weight (muscle) gain.

Your pretty skinny at 6'2 140lbs & 29" waist. Damn I am 6'2 230lbs (I lost 30lbs in the last 3 months) & 36" waist.



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Give us an example of a days eating when hitting the gym...don't lie and be honest as it can only help you.


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I know how it is to deal with a fast metabolism. When i first started lifting i tried the weight gainer and gained 10 lbs in 2 weeks, but lost it all in two days during christmas break. That stuffs crap.. I stuck to a heavy eating schedule close to Outlawtas2 with more protien shakes and some creatine. That is what really helped me get started. You are definetly not ready to start using. Hit the Gym real hard this time get in there work your ass off and get out and eat as much as you can thats what will do it bro. Listen to these guys they know what they are talking about.
good luck


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Alot of people really don't realize how tough it is to really eat enough to gain muscle when you're more of a "hardgainer" (for lack of a better term). Have you actually counted your calories or are you just trying to eat a bunch and hope for the best?


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SlimShady403 said:
Been trying for over 3 yrs to gain
Lost self-confidence and am terrified of the gym, because I don't know what the hell I'm doing when I do go!

well there's your first problem bro... you just said it yourself... you don't know what the hell you're doin when u go to the gym... so first step... LEARN WHAT TO DO... you aint gonna get anywhere without proper training

SlimShady403 said:
- Fruit (one piece)
- Bowl of Oatmeal (2 pkgs of Peaches and Cream flavor)
- 4 Slices of Turkey Bacon
- 1 Slice of Wheat Bread
- A few slices of Hillshire Farm Sausage
change this to..
1 or 2 pieces od fruit
5 whole eggs
3 toast (something like this)

SlimShady403 said:
- Couple of Burgers / McDonalds
- Large Bowl of Soup from the SoupMan in New York City
- Bread
- A drink
Mcdonalds?? wtf are you thinking!?
chicken breast or steak or somethin along the lines of that
potatoes, wheat pasta
and a salad

SlimShady403 said:
- Whatever I can get my hands on, but a regular decent meal.

Workout Routine (now that I stopped going to gym):

- 50 Push ups
- 100 Sit ups

No growth then, no growth now... and my test levels were level and normal - posted on another thread from a year ago.

and dinner should be some kind of meat with rice, potatoes or pasta

and remember in between each meal is your snack which consists of your protein shake and maybe some fruit

doing pushups and situps isn't going to help you... you are a skinny guy you gotta eat until you feel like you're gonna explode

and a protein shake before bed too


No need to diss this guy for being honest.
James, if you ever want to gain, food is the key. Throw all that crap out and start eating real food, and a lot of it. Eat at least 6 meals a day, something like rice and chicken, or a steak.


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Thoms said:
No need to diss this guy for being honest.
James, if you ever want to gain, food is the key. Throw all that crap out and start eating real food, and a lot of it. Eat at least 6 meals a day, something like rice and chicken, or a steak.

Good advice.

I'd also recommend a training program such as the one popularized by Stuart McRobert. Do an online search on 'The Hardgainer' and 'Brawn'. The routines outlined in such books/periodicals are the ones you need to implement. Basic full body routines, based around the heavy compound exercises with an emphasis on recovery. Those 20 rep squat routines will pack the weight on anyone, provided the dedication and intensity is there.


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James ... You at East Carolina?

Anyway listen to me ... I HAD THE SAME STATS AS YOU. That's right, I was your twin. I was very tall and so skinny ... I could take my hand and wrap it around my bicep and tricep and be around 1" from touching fingers. No fucking joke. Theres a few guys on this board that knew me back then and know me now that could vouch for this.

Anyway, I was 20 years old and tired of looking like a freak. I stopped doing drugs (x was my deal of choice) and drinking. I stopped going out. Nobody saw me for 4 months solid. After all the reading and reading I could do, I found out I need to eat some serious calories. I ate the same thing every day and beat myself to death in the gym and gained 15 lbs naturally (6 months).

I then hit my first cycle ...dbol only. It was awesome to throw on a huge amount of water overnight because at my size, I didn't look fat with the bloat. I think I was 172 after a six week bout with dbol.

I remember when i went out on the town for the first time after all the weight ... people couldn't believe it was me. Anyway, dbol was a bad route because it was all ater and came off very quick. I was scared of needles at that point in time.

Anyway, back to you ... EAT motherfucker. EAT! Lift! Heaviest weights you can for 6 reps. For an ectomorph like yourself, less time in the gym is more. Blast the weights only 3 or 4 times out of a 7 day week. It worked great for me.

$30 shipped to your door and no gut as a result of the calories.


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You need to be consuming 4000+ calories per day and i'd say atleast 200 grams of protein. do that for awhile i garuantee you will grow.