advice on next cycle


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What's goin on? Here's my breakdown. I have been bodybuilding for seven years now after years of karate training. I weigh 225 and stand 5'10. My bodyfat is about 8 percent. Within the last couple years, I stayed with majority test based cycles to add weight. My goal now is to lean for the change in weather. I have never needed large amounts of gear to grow. So this is where I need some advice. The cycle I am planning is as follows:

Week 1-10 400mg EQ
Week 1-8 50mg Winstrol (winny) V ed

What kinds of results can I expect from this cycle. If there is changes needed, what do you suggest?
I would definetely throw in a low dose of Test, say 300 mg/week

Something like this;
weeks 1-12 - Test Enanthate 300 mg/wk
weeks 1-12 - EQ 400 mg week
weeks 7-14 - 50 mg Winstrol (winny) ED
Start Clomid 24 hours after last Winstrol (winny) shot
Have Nolvadex on hand, just in case you get any gyno symptoms, highly unlikely, but better safe than sorry.

As far as results.....that is pretty much dependant on your training and diet.

Oh yeah.....Welcome to Steroidology !! :D
225 and 8% bodyfat is extremely lean why would u wanna be any leaner u plan on competeing?
I plan on competing in May. It is a local philly show hosted by steele jungle magazine. My diet is almost perfect, i need that extra push.