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hi guys ... anybody have any info about albuterol ?
today i got this box of albuterol pills... for fat loss for my wife.. i wanna make sure they work like clenbuterol... they told me same way..
know anything about albuterol ?
Half life is much shorter. Don't know if it works like clen, but it is a selective beta-2 agonist. It's the ingredient in the asthma inhalers most people use.
If they are 4mg tabs take one about every 4-5 hours (up to around 4-5/day)due to the short half life,work up to that dose just as you would with clen.I have lots of them as we make them where I work (heh heh) I tried em for a couple weeks(switched to T3) and they worked okay but not as good as clen,I have read that you can use them longer though and not build up a tolerence as fast as with clen.I still got the shakes from it though,might be better for a female as none of the sides were as harsh as clen.I think there was a pretty long post on here about this product bro?

Abuterol is an asthma medication. Thats what a inhalator is.Makes u shake like a mother F$%*.....Also real rough on your heart.Outlawed in NY in asthma meds....
Dude I think he is referring to the tabs,an inhaler would be useless for our purposes.

The albuterol pill's will work. They have the same mechanism of action as clenbuterol. Beta-2 antagonist. Both work on the CNS for its effect. The inhaler is the same thing but no were near as effective. It's a non systemic agent.
bloodyroar said:
hi guys ... anybody have any info about albuterol ?
today i got this box of albuterol pills... for fat loss for my wife.. i wanna make sure they work like clenbuterol... they told me same way..
know anything about albuterol ?

Albuterol is a direct-acting sympathomimetic agent with a relatively selective action on beta-2 adrenoceptors. Its main clinical use is obviously to treat asthma. Inhalers would NOT yield the potential anabolic effects that pill form would (overall systemic).

I DID find this on T-mag:

“I thought albuterol was almost not effective at all but it seems I was wrong:

There's pretty compelling evidence that shows albuterol is just about as effective as clenbuterol at increasing anabolism, with one exception: Albuterol is effective at "clinically safe" doses (in man), and clenbuterol is not. In other words, in order to achieve an anabolic effect from clenbuterol, you need to exceed its safety limits (which is not necessarily dangerous or undesirable for us healthy bodybuilder types).

On the other hand, albuterol, at clinically safe doses, increases whole-body protein content in rats by 20% in just three weeks! So it really does increase protein synthesis.

Furthermore, there are several studies that show albuterol is effective at significantly increasing power output and muscular endurance in man. Additionally, albuterol is heart healthy, prevents muscle catabolism, and is a pretty darn good asthma medicine to boot.

By all indications, albuterol should be effective for at least three to four weeks at increasing muscle mass before you need a week off from use. And from a personal experience, this bears out as well. I've had reasonably good success with albuterol, and I suggest anyone who has access to the drug to give it a try.

I recommend 16 mg a day, taken in either two doses spaced 8-10 hours apart, or four doses spaced about four hours apart. Go on cycles of 3-4 weeks on, one week off.

Be careful about stacking other adrenergic agonists, like ephedra, with albuterol. If you can tolerate the combination, go for it, but test it out first. The half-life of albuterol is about five hours, so if the doses are too frequent, there's a cumulative effect that could get the better of you, sending your heart into an arrhythmia that rivals the tempo of a hummingbird's wings.

Just be aware that there are enormous tolerance differences between people. So start out slowly with minimal doses until you get a handle on how your body reacts to these compounds.

And regarding aspirin, bag the idea of using it for anything other than pain control. Stacking it with stimulants is out of date and actually counterproductive.”

By the way...Salmeterol is just anther type of Beta-2 agonist like Albuterol. They are both generics. Albuterol is the generic form of Proventil and Ventolin. Salemeterol is the generic form of Serevent. Clenbuterol is the generic name of Spirovent. The way generic vs trade name works.......a pharmaceutical company has a "patent" for 10 years on any med they invent. They can name it anything they want and sell it for whatever they want, but they figure out a market price or else noone will buy it. But the drug still has a generic name. This is the way they recoup their millions of dollars on research. After 10 years other drug companies copy the drug and prices come down because of competition.