anadrol 50 in your contest cycle?????


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ive heard of some people doing this and actually one of my buddies from the gym was telling me that a lot of serious amateurs do this. can someone explain to me the logic behind this and has anyone else tried this? what was your thoughts on it?


For some people (including me) drol causes less h20 retention...also drol...and Anadrol increases the number of red blood cells, allowing the muscle to absorb more oxygen, which in tern can help, even when dieting, ones muscles to be & appear fuller..

When carbs are super low, some competitors cut out sodium along with most of their carbs, and use anadrol when closing in on a contest, to keep muscles looking full, and to still be able to get pumps in the gym. I too get less water retention on anadrol than on dbol. I actually prefer it over dbol.