Anavar powder - How do you convert it?


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This is really only applicable to the 17AA steroids OXandrolone, Stanabol and
Anabol. These are the only ones that are orally available. In principle the
boldenone undecylenate oil can be taken orally, but daily doses of 200 mg are
required, which is basically a waste of money, if a 400 mg per week injection
can achieve the same.

Pick up some sesame oil at the health store and find a container for the liquid.
Determine the concentration. For Stanabol I recommend 25 mg/ml, for Anabol and
Oxandrolone I suggest 20 mg/ml. Say you have 1 gram of Anabol. That's 1000 mg.
At 20 mg per ml that equates to
50 ml of oil. So for every gram of powder you have you will make 50 ml of
solution. Fill the container up with water, 50 ml per gram. If you have 5 grams,
then that's 250 ml. Mark that spot on the container. Dump out the water and let
the container dry. Dump the powder in the container and then add oil until you
reach the mark you made on the container. You know have your solution at 20

I suggest taking 2 ml per day (40 mg) in the morning. Use a syringe to measure
out 2 ml and squirt it in your mouth, wash it down with the beverage of your
choice. Remember to never use a 17AA steroid longer than 6, at the very longest
8 weeks on end, because these substances are toxic to the liver.

Remember that you need 50 ml per gram of powder for ox and anabol and 40 ml for
stanabol. This does not mean 50 and 40 ml of oil, it means 50 or 40 ml of oil,
minus the space the powder takes up.

(taken from wannaimpress)


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this might sound like a stupid question but did u buy the anavar powder from a illegel source or is there a legal way to buy it. Just curious cause i want some and i know that fina is legal to buy as long as its not alreayd converted.