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From: Animal Email:
On: 10/20/98 11:08:48 PM
Subject: 5-6 MEALS A DAY MAKES YOU FAT!!!!!!
How 5-6 meals a day makes you fat!

That's right, and you read it here first. They make you fat.

After I proved the farce of the ketogenic diets I began to think, 'What type of diet was I on that made me the leanest and put on the most mass!' Then one of the ketogenic diets authors sent me a nasty email which said, 'What diet won't shut down your t
roid, genius.'

Well, if nothing else, he was at least smart enough to realize that those almighty diets do shut down your thyroid. I felt pity for him because it was sad how he was still clinging to dreams of ketosis even though he had been scammed. But realized there
as hope for him when he called me 'genius'! He still had the power of rational thinking left and I'd be damned if I didn't help this poor soul.

Hmmm. What diets don't shut down your thyroid? First, what do we know about how the thyroid shuts down when dieting? There are 3 ways; lack of carbohydrate, heat (DNP and external) and DNP binding to T4 protein and excreting it which is actually good, b
that is another story. We aren't going to take DNP so those two are out and we are left with lack of carbohydrates. We are also not going to take CLA or pyruvate so we are left with a pure diet with no catches. How can we keep the carbs going? We all k
w of one diet that won't shut things down and that is the 'Up and down' type diet. We eat normal one day and lower our calories the next and repeat. This maintains all the hormones, but could take quite a long time. We need a faster and possibly simpler

Why not eat 5-6 small meals a day? Because it makes you fat! Now we are going to use the ketogenic authors arguments against them. Insulin does what? It drives glucose and needed nutrients into the cells, including fat cells, AND it stops lipolysis!!!!
stops lipolysis!!!!! If I am eating 5-6 times a day I am going to be stopping lipolysis every single time I eat again because I will get an insulin rise which, can you all say it? Stops lipolysis!! You cannot burn fat if you are eating all day!

Now, I am back to thinking about when I was the leanest. About 5 years ago when I was finishing college, but why? Because I only ate 1-2 meals a day! That's right and when you see the logic you will see the light always and realize that another scam has
een perpetuated upon all of us in order to cell meal replacements. When did all these 5-6 meals a day really start to hit. When those meal replacements became all the rage. Throw them out because you don't need them anymore!!

We will start our diet in the morning. The night before we replenished all our carbs before going to sleep. It is morning and we wake up and our body is in what mode? Fat burning mode!!! The first thing you usually learn is that if you want to burn the
st fat off with aerobics you do it in the morning before you eat. Since we are in fat burning mode why would we want to ruin it with food that would raise insulin? And for what? What exercise are you going to do which you are going to need all that ener
for? Remember you are fully carbed from last night. If you are fully carbed up and you eat carbohydrates then where are the carbs going? They can't go to muscle so they are going to FAT! Your morning meal makes you fatter!! So what do we do? You most l
ely are going to sit in a car and go sit in an office for 8 hours or so. The only thing which needs sugar is your brain and it doesn't need much. To keep in and enhance the fat burning you are going to drink coffee and take an ephedrine or PPA and add s
e yohimbine. The coffee suppresses blood sugar and the E and Y and PPA cause a release of noradrenaline which is a potent fat burning hormone. If you get hungry you can have a protein drink, but no sugar. Fructose goes to fat automatically and the prote
keeps the glycogen level up which is another fat burner. You don't want too much protein, though or that can go to sugar which is going to go to fat, as well.

What do I do for lunch? You want to stay in fat burning mode right? First let's look at what others recommend. Eat your largest meal at lunch! Absolutely and totally wrong. What happens about an hour later. You are so tired from the insulin that you can
ardly think and it takes all you can do to stay awake. Not only that, but all the carbs you ate are going to fat! What did you do to deplete the liver or muscle of carbs from the morning until now? NOTHING. You sat at your desk and maybe walked across t
street to buy lunch. Your muscles need nothing so it all goes to fat and you ruined your fat burning as well with the insulin from the meal. You eat a light low glycemic high fat meal, like a salad for lunch and have some more ECY and maybe another pro
in drink. 2 hours - 45 minutes before you are going to work out you eat a low glycemic meal like oatmeal or an apple.

This is scientifically proven to improve performance and will help you burn more fat. You workout and then you get to eat! Your muscles are primed for growth and now you want the insulin to be spiked so you get more glucose and AA's into them. We also k
w that most if not all of the recovery substrates need to be supplied to the muscle in a two hour window and then again before 6 hours.

Immediately after your workout you consume up to 400 calories in a glucose/protein drink. 2 hours later you hit the damaged muscle again with your regular meal. Your muscles are now loaded with glucose and protein and they are waiting for you to take so
ghb and go to bed so they can get some GH.

That's it!. No BS. No pain. Look at it again. You are all carbed up. In the morning you are in or near ketosis and you want to keep it there. Eating would ruin it so you don't eat and besides, the insulin and carbs from the meal have nowhere to go so an
calories would just go to fat. You don't do anything strenuous in the morning so you don't eat a high carb lunch which keeps you in ketosis.

Eat a low glycemic meal 45 minutes before your workout. The time to eat and recover is AFTER you have worked out and that is when and how you do it. Simple carbs and protein and then your meal. Sleep. No expensive powders or pills or special foods. Can'
get much simpler.

This is now copyrighted material and I am serving notice that this cannot be reprinted, or posted, without my permission. Do it and I sue ya!

There are supplements and steps to follow to get the most out of your thyroid and liver, but that will be later. If you have something to say about this being wrong then get some science to prove it or shut up. Just as I had science to expose the fallac
s of ketogenic diets, I also have all the science to back this up.

The Science:

Study performed by Taylor and colleagues.

Following ingestion of a test meal consisting of cereal, skim milk, scrambled eggs, French toast, apple juice, and a milk shake [200 g (60% or 800 calories) carbohydrate, 45 g (21% fat or 405 calories), 80 g (19% or 320 calories) protein; 1,914 kcall] [
e total calories and the breakdown of the intake is wrong because my scanner screwed it up and I don't have the original] by healthy subjects, muscle glycogen concentration did not start to rise until 1-2 hours after eating, and the increase was not sta
stically significant until 3 hours after eating. Seven hours following the meal, plasma insulin levels were still elevated threefold. Four hours following the meal, muscle glycogen began to fall, suggesting a flux of excess carbon out of the muscle and
to storage as triglycerides (fat).

Another argument for Animalobolics! I had been looking for this entry into my comp for 2 years and though I don't have the entire study, that last line is significant. This was a mixed meal containing fat. This is not what you want to do after a workout
Look how long it took glycogen levels in the muscle to rise. 1-2 hours and it wasn't important until 3 hours. You need no fat and simple carbs with protein after a workout. Seven hours following the meal, plasma insulin levels were still elevated threef
d. Let's see, you want to eat small meals all day, still? The point is that eating mixed meals gets your insulin up and keeps it up for a long time. Hell, by 7 hours many would have eaten 2 more times and that would push your insulin up even higher and
nger. Remember, if insulin is present, fat burning is negative! The magical last line!!! Four hours following the meal, muscle glycogen began to fall, suggesting a flux of excess carbon out of the muscle and into storage as triglycerides (fat).

This is a main point of Animalobolics and why you only have carbs after your workout. Why? Because you carbed up AFTER the workout when it is most important and any further influx of carbs is going to leak out of a fully carbed up muscle and go to fat.

Again, I will give you the basics and most of you can figure out the rest. Base calorie should be figured out at 10-12 x your wt in lbs. All caloric intake is worked out by going backwards from your post workout meal. For that meal you take in 1g carbs
r every 1k bodyweight. Now, you also take 1g whey or soy protein for every 2.5g of carbs that you just figured out. Do this immediately and 1-2 hours later. Subtract those numbers from your total caloric intake to see how much else you can eat for your
her meals.

200lb man x 12 = 2400 calories. 200/2.2 = 90KG.

90KG = 90g carbs after workout.

90/2.5 = 36g protein.

90g carbohydrates = 360 cal.

36g protein = 145 cal protein.

Total immediate intake is 505 calories.

If you do that regimen 1-2 hours later you will then have 1010calories.

2400 base - workout meals = 1390 calories left to eat for the next 24 hours. (Almost 3 Big Macs) and if you can't make it through the day on those calories I don't know what to tell you) I'll tell you that with all that protein it is hard to eat after t
se 2 postworkout meals.

ALL YOUR SUBSEQUENT MEALS ARE GOING TO BE NO GLYCEMIC MEALS! Except for 2-3 doses of 200calories worth of fruit for a total of 400-500calories in carbs to keep your liver converting T4-T3. 200 in the morning 100cal or so at lunch and 100-200 at 2hrs bef
e your next workout. 1390 - 500 calories leaves you with 890. If you are taking 1g protein per lb which I find very hard to do, that is 200g protein and 800 calories. You already have taken in 72g protein for 288 calories. From morning until your next w
kout you then need to get 128 g protein or 512 more calories in protein. That leaves you with only 378 calories in fat which is 42g. Just make sure you eat whey protein and eggs in the morning, then you can eat chicken or tuna salad for lunch.

Animalbolics FAQ:

Q: How do you keep from loosing muscle mass while on this diet? And do you stay on it until you are happy with BF% or do you come of for one or two days a week or what? Is this a good diet to run with a cutting cycle.

A: How do you keep from loosing muscle mass while on this diet? I'll let you answer this for yourself. All protein requirements are met as are carb requirements during the postworkout meals. As long as those are met, how are you going to lose muscle? (y
can't and constant supply of insulin has NOTHING to do with maintaining muscle as AA's have their own transport system which ARE NOT affected by insulin. And do you stay on it until you are happy with BF% or do you come of for one or two days a week or
hat? Most people break diets on weekends, anyhow. Watch the alcohol as that seems to screw it up the most.

Q: Was wondering how you might modify this diet for a lunch time workout. I'm half a block from my gym and can take a 90 min lunch break. This is very convenient and lets me have my nights free. Also, the weight room is always damn near empty at lunch,
ich lets me super-set and crank up my workout tempo. Mean while, the evening crowds are sooo bad I'd be lucky to even find a weight let a lone lift it...
I'm not trying to compete or anything, but my BF as been a big concern over the last - (YES) - 4 to 5 years.

A: Here's my sense of how to do it. Just eat the protein/glucose drinks right after and 2hrs after your workout. The rest of your meals, make them low/no glycemic. There's nothing magical about working out at night. In animal's example using a PM workou
the person spends most of the day burning bodyfat before the workout. You spend less time in that EC + PPA + yohimbine fat burning at rest state during the day, but you have more hours later in the day where you reenter that state. Like, you go back to
he low insulin meals later in the day, whereas the evening workout person, doesn't hit that point of low insulin fat burning till some hrs after his last shake. And he may not even eat again till the next day, the shakes being his last food. If you work
ut midday you will eat probably 1-2 more times. Look at the overall concept.....low/no insulin meals, then hi glycemic + protein right after and 2hrs after workout. It doesn't really matter when this happens as long as you keep the carbs to post workout
It may be a little better to have a workout later in the day, to have more hours during the day on thermogenic supplements, since if you do a midday workout, you might not be ready to take more ephedrine and caffeine later in the day. That's the only do
side I can see.


So there it is. Animalbolics straight from the man. I would like to thank Animal for allowing me to use his work.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Also I'd like to hear any feedback you have about this whole diet.
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it looked like an interesting concept from the get-go, but then i realized what he was really saying.
well, his diet will make you lose weight alright, probably something to the tune of 5lb per week. but you know what, i doubt there's really any better way to lose muscle. the point of eating every 2 hours is not to get you fat, it's to prevent catabolism.