Another diet help threat lol


Fat Bastard
Hey Hey, been a while eh?? So Im not gonna throw my whole story out there or w/e but u guys helped me last time I went from 260 pnds of pure baby fat to 220 pounds of pretty much baby fat (went from size 42 in pants to 38 woot for being able to buy cloths in anormal store!!) then i went up to 240 pounds but seen no increase in size (muscle gain?) well a bunch of shit happened and ive sunk down lol i been partying hard (alcohol alot, weed every weekend) and im eating fast food every day for dinner, oh and i dont eat thru the day... I ust drink soda.. lol Im a mess, i know right... but no my beloved sized 38's are getting tight :( and it kinda made me realize im fucking myself without the KY so Im rdy to buckle down and get the shit done :) so i was woundering if anyone here could give me a good diet to use for fat loss... do i go high protein or what?? i want maximume fat reduction... this is what i had in mind.. but remember im a noob :0 I have exactly 0 health knowledge...

Morning (5:30 am): Oatmeal+Whey Protein+Peanut Butter+Splenda And 2 GNC Mega Man Pills

1st break (9am):protein Shake/Bar

Lunch (11:30am): Pain Tuna Sandwitch (1 whole packet of tuna)+ Protein Shake

3rd break (1:30pm): Blank? Maybe a fruit?? More Protein?? I like protein... hehe

Dinner (Who knows? Like 6-9pm): Plain Chicken or Beef + a Vegie and... somthing to drink..

I know im probably way off, but thats kinda what i had in mind.. any help??

thanks in advance!


OH YEA!!!!!

I found out how to make my own Tren Ace from Finaplix-H (I found an online tutorial) So when I start working out I plan to inject it at 50mg e/o Day.. First time taking roids... Im kinda nervous, but muscle burns fat right?? So More muscle i build more fat ill burn... im so gonna get flamed for that one...


thanks :)
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Dont taze me, bro.
you really have to read and get the basics down.

from the minute amount of information you gave other than rambling, id say eat about 2900 cals. 300g protein, 300g carbs, 65g fat split up into 4-5 meals throughout the day. Weights 3x a week, 30-60 minutes of cardio on off days.

Track your weight once a week at the same time, in the morning before eating/drinking anything and after going to the bathroom. When weightloss stalls, drop carbs.

As for drugs, stop dreaming, youre clueless and dont need to be messing with them. Especially homebrew shit. seriously.