another place for secure email

(The Answer)

MailVault™ is an e-mail system that uses PGP® encryption to protect its clients' communication. Encryption keys are created by the MailVault™ engine and stored on distributed offshore servers.
Think of Microsoft's HotmailTM service, move it offshore, add secure encryption and you are pretty close to the MailVault™ service. (For an explanation of how MailVault™ is better than vanilla PGP as is used with other email systems see the next page.)

Clients have the ability to send and receive encrypted e-mail from any location, not just from their own computers. Non-encrypted e-mail messages can also be written and sent via MailVault™.

MailVault™ is user friendly. The procedures for creating encryption keys, as well as writing, reading and organizing e-mail messages are simple and easy to follow.