another question?? winny/T stack????


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It seems all I do here is ask quetions.....dont think I am not appreciatve I am.......Big Up To All The Bro' here it is....I was reading a thread that said clearly Winstrol (winny) does strip away water from the body....I would like to know if running 25mg per day with 800mg T every 5 days will affect the overall weight gain I had expected from the T....I also read somewhere that Winstrol (winny) can in some cases amplifies the affects of a steroid used concurrently....T/or/F???????thanks in advance for the info..........later


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Answering questions is what we're here for.

You won't gain any LESS weight with the Winstrol (winny), if that's what you mean.

If you want to read more about the "enhance gains" theory, go to www.cuttingedgemuscle and do a search for a post by Jguns that contains "winny" and "proviron", that should get you to his thread on the subject. I don't really have an opinion on the issue of whether Winstrol (winny) enhances the test gains, but there is no doubt that Winstrol (winny) adds something.