anti-e's. whats the max


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my body reacts very harshly to androgens. i get serious bloat and bp raises like crazy and pretty much everything else you can think about as far as sides go with test, dbol, etc.

what would be considered the max amount of anti-e's during a cycle of 1000mg of test and 50 mg of dbol everyday?.........J
There is no "max" - it should all depend on your blood test results. I would say try 1 mg arim per day if you're sure you have a problem with excess estrogen. Just remember, lowering your estrogen levels below normal can be disastrous. Good luck!
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if u bloat bad from androgens, lower the test too 500, add some EQ, and some tren. What can u expect from a gram of test and 50mg of dbol? You have to take what your body can handle