Any bros on here from Toronto?


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I see a fair amount of Canadian flags, just wondering how many of you are from Toronto. Stonecoldnto, I assume you are. Anyways, I am not sure if I can ask this on here, if not, a mod will delete it, but I am looking for a price check on gear in Toronto. I know there are TJ prices on here, and I see lots of quotes for domestic and mail order, but never anything for Canada. If anybody wants to give the info, I am wondering what would be an average price to pay up here for:

Anavar(say 300 pills)
Primo(is there even any legit primo in Canada)

Again, if this type of question is against board rules, I apologize. Thanks in advance for your answers.
The prices Heyyo gave are around the same that I have encountered. The Primo has passed through my hands once last month. The label rubbed off in my hand and the top was all srewed up. Primo if its aroud is in my opinion fake.
Good luck with your shopping list
I am a few hours away from T.O.
But I am sure the prices in Toronto will be the same prices as the rest of Ontario.
Well I am a total newbie just curious that's all, but what is the price for dbol and test? I'm also from Toronto. Never done juice before, just curious b/c I'm starting to research as I'll do my first cycle by the end of this year.


Shit sorry editing to ask about prices of all those other popular things like clomid, liquidex, etc.

I edited out your last question, that was very close to asking for a source, which is totally against board rules. Actually this whole thread is trouble just waiting to happen. As Heyyo said very early on in this thread, you guys are setting yourselves up to be scammed.
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Hey sorry bros!

I was NOT asking for any source! I do not know what the general price of these drugs cost, so I didn't think it would hurt to ask to get an idea.

I apologize if this was not appropriate. I didn't think asking for general prices would get me in trouble.

Once again, I am NOT asking for a source. My bad.
Heyyo said:

Internet price: 1.60-2.00 a tab
Gym Price: 3.00-8.00 a tab


for $8 a tab you can get something that'll give you a buzz ;)

that's almost $300 for standard clomid therapy.
looks like I'll have to suck it up and join you guys at the strippers Saturday, lets just not tell my wife though....
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