Anyone elses cycles have no ryhme or reason?


Banned, had no choice
in my short cycling experience, i have tried various compunds, using so called bulking and cutting drugs together, although ive been in constant bulk for almost 2 years. I have tried test eth, cyp, prop. And so far my favortie test is prop. Trying suspension soon. I love fina for strength, Winstrol (winny) is great too, i tried it for 4 days, but it killed my joints. Im still undecided between eq and deca, i think i had some underdosed TT eq. Between Drol and Dbol, amazingly, i get less bloated on drol, and my nips are nto ocnstantly sore. Right now im on a eth/fina/drol cycle, i love this combo. No so called progesterone side effects. I guess the point of this post, is i belive u need to try al the different Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) out there to find out what ur body reacts to. Dont follow some so called 'net guru, their body reacts different than urs.
Exactly! Just like in any real life situation, the theoretical outcome is hardly EVER the same as the actual.