Anyone Experience This With QV Testosterone ?


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ok bottomline i dont care what the tests on QV's websites say i think there full of shit...... and second i think it's going to be a hit or miss with any type of vet gear good quality or shit stuff....... but me and a friend both just finished using QV tests...... i used 600mgs a wk of there cyp lot qvt 003 and my friend had a 50ml jug of enan.... i think it was qve 003 as well....... both from 2 different sources very very reliable and respected guys among the community so i know there not fake.... however i was using 600mgs of there cyp and my bro was using 750mgs of there enanthate a wk stacked with eq............. now i know there was definetly something in there cause my weight went up about like 8lbs and my strength went up however i got no nipple sorenss as i would usually get off of 500mgs of a european ampule such as cyctahoh or like those icns...... whenver i go over the 500mark i always had nipple soreness however i had like no nipple soreness at all with this qv shit....... and none of the horrible sides i usually get like nausea or serious acne......does that mean the qv shit is underdosed...... i just wanna hear wut you guys think about qv tests cause everyone i know who's takin their test tell me it's a hit or miss........ however there eq and prop kick ass......deca i believe is so so
ive had good succes with their test, batch 004 enanthate, had a friend who had succes with batch 003 enanthate and 007 enanthate
infar250 sorry to hear about your results, I won't even ask you how your training/diet was since we all know that is the biggest factor however I'm having great success with their cyp lot#002 and eq lot#003 at a cc every four days totaling to 350mgs of each weekly! :D
yea man who knows.... over at elite like 4 people experienced same results as me so who knows....... lol these stupid mexicans cant do anything right.........
I liked their cyp,but their enanth fukin crippled me and gave me a temp of 103 so I gave that shit away,the same bottle didn't hurt my friend at all??????????????
infar250 said:
lol these stupid mexicans cant do anything right.........
I really think that is a callous remark:mad: , Also, i did not know Testosterone effectiveness was judged by nipple soreness. What do you think they would have put in there? Testosterone is the only thing that is cost effective if they were too replace vials with something, but they would not put deca in a Test vial, maybe Test in a Deca vial, but not vice versa.
when you say 500 mg of icn test i assume you meant 2 amps , besides the quality difference in human test , icn amps are always overdosed 2 amps usually adds up to between 2.25 and 2.75 cc of pure liquid gold which is probably in the neighborhood of 625 mg , that is not a fair comparison to 500 mg of vet gear , its apples to oranges
...i have loved there 10ml ena and EQ, in week 9 now and results have been great!...different people are going to like different things tho, obviously...
Yeah, the racist remarks dont belong here IMO. This isn't a Nazi site.

I am using thier jug of Enan, good results so far, and from every test I've seen of thiers they always score a little more than advertised dose.
The only people I have seen complain about qv were the ones who trained shitty and didn't eat right. I am not reffering to you. I have always had good results with it.
Ive had good results off both lots 2 and 3. Maybe you and your friend train together, thats why both of your results suck. Ill admit, the 50ml vial of QV ethanate did hurt, but it it worked well. 8lbs is nto bad either, you dont gain 20lbs every cycle. Sorry if I sound a bit angry, my girlfriend is "a stupid mexican"
well i can vouch for the stuff being real and good i have been on qv enthanthate for 6 weeks along with 30mg dbol ed and 400 mg deca yellowtops /wk and am up already 21 lbs i have used qv and no of other currently suing those batchs with no problems at all, as for sor nipples that is gyno bro and you dont want that unles you like wearing a bra. may be check your diet or prblems i hav had is some sorness around the injec site wiht smal lump but i have been able to elimate that by massaging area after injecyt wiht a alcohol swab for 2-3 miniutes and make sure to do a deep massage . the pain is caused by higher BA concentratioins.the massage will help
there EQ is awesome. there enanthate i did not care for though i got great results but the pain that came with the injections was not worth it.

how was your traing and diet. thats 95 % of the battle. people put to much faith in the gear. its not a magic bullet. you still have to put in the work to get results.
hey guys sorry for the "stupid mexican" remarks....... we're all friends no pun intended this is friendly chat
ohhh man oohhh man.... i tried my test enathate yesterday lot 3 to make sure that it was ok.... and it is cuz i can feel it... but my buttcheek is killllllllliing me. i'm walking with a hard ass limp but i'm trying to play it off like I'm thugged.
Jacked said:
ohhh man oohhh man.... i tried my test enathate yesterday lot 3 to make sure that it was ok.... and it is cuz i can feel it... but my buttcheek is killllllllliing me. i'm walking with a hard ass limp but i'm trying to play it off like I'm thugged.

hey bro to help combat that try taking an alcohol swab after inject and deep massage for 2- 3 minutes that has always helped me minimize the pain fromthe BA concentration

used QV enanth lot 004 with good results... took forever to kick in good (week 6) at 500-750mg/week... just switched to QV CYP lot 004
this week for 600mg/week.

Then I'm switching to Upjohn and or ICN's.

I'll update on the progress of each.