arimidex and clomid together (odd but important concern for me)


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Ok i am on a cycle right now ( I know mentioned it like a million times so far :) and i am taking arimidex throughout. I know that clomid does increase JIZZ volume (and i hope everyone here agrees) and I was wondering if I could do clomid at 25mg eod along with everything else in hopes of increasing or maintaining my volume. I am known as the "squarter" and am proud of making the ladies go "wow" after every explosion......but one thing is for sure is that my volume decreases when I am lifting heavy like I am doing these be it im on a cycle or not I still lose the volume. Thats the only thing I hate about lifting weights. I know its most probably from the fact that my body is under alot of stress, but I also know im not overtraining! SO, can I use the clomid in this fashion with no harm done to anything? If so, will I even get the benefits of it with that amount atleast?


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I think that thing about clomid increasing loads is a bit of a wives tale. Maybe to a certain extent it increases FSH, but I don't think it's enough to put Peter North to shame. In all honesty I think ZMA and some vitamin C would do more for volume...

Not to mention that it's been my experience that arimidex is the nuclear bomb of anti-estrogens... I think using clomid on top would be a waste in that respect.

p.s. You may want to take a look at your cholesterol after running arimidex throughout an entire cycle...