arms never sore


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okay here's my problem: my arms never get sore. I go to the gym and lift hard. I usually am in the gym for about an hour... To give you an example of what i do on a shoulder day i do upright row 12x 10x 8x 8x, shoulder press 12x 10x 8x 8x and i don't know the name of the lift but when you raise a dumbell in each hand from your side untill you are making a T with your arms 3xmax. (i also do legs on shoulder days) After this my shoulders are shot... but the next day its not sore. My only supps are CEE and whey

is this normal.. or am i not working hard enough


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Are you concentrating on your form? Try not to cheat. It will take away the stress you need on the muscle being worked.
Example: If your doing bis. Always keep you elbows pointed to the floor. Once you raise ur elbows...ur shoulders will come into play, thus taking the stress away from where its needed...your bis.

Are you going too heavy? When you go too heavy you tend to use other muscles to help you move the weight.

Are you following through with your ROM? (Range of Motion)
-You must stretch and contract or sqeeeze the muscle being worked. Thus tearing it slightly (stretch) and filling it up with blood. (contraction)

Remember: Exlposive positive - Controlled Negative

p.s.---that "T" excersise is called - Side Lateral Raises
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I don't use soreness as an indication of my muscles being worked or not...whether it sores or not, as long as I didn't over train, good form, good weight..i'm good. don't worry about it bro


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I never really ever had sore arms. Sometimes my tri gets sore around the elbow, but that is from bench variations. I doubt many on here do that kind of work for the tris tough.


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pl form on bench alread fucks your tris hard and rack lockouts..add in some more presses and you're fucked already..ha ha!


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alright next time im in the gym i'll concentrate on my form and range of motion...
i'm seeing results so i guess you can't argue with that
thanks for the help guys


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cut your rest time some drop sets,extended sets,rest pauses...then your body will be soar..combine 2 exercises for a bodypart and hit the exercises back to back..with no rest..if you dont get soar then you aint human...ya heard?