Arnold Classic 2004 Men's bbing results


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2004 Arnold Classic:: Final Results

1, Jay Cutler
2. Chris Cormier
3. Dexter Jackson
4. Gunther Schlierkamp
5. Marcus Ruhl
6. Craig Titus
7. Gustavo Badell
8. King Kamali
9. Ahmad Haidar
10. Ernie Taylor
11.Bob Cicherillo
12. Mustafa Mohammad
13. Greg Kovacs

Top five qualify for the 2004 Mr Olympia
jay looks like a big red boiling lobster. cormier always looks great could be harder in the leg department.. dexter is solid but needs size
It's a sin that Cutler won. Cormier looked fantastic and it should have been between him and Dexter. But in my eyes even though Cormier has size on jackson , Dexter's physique doesn't even look real he's so unbelievable right now. I would have been hard pressed to choose between to the 2 but Jay would have been 3rd at best (seeing as how I haven't seen any other pics yet)
And with that in mind after lookin at the pics again I thin Dexter's conditioning far exceeded the comp.and I also think he has the best physique in bodybuilding today...........not that he's ever gonna beat Ronnie while he's still in the game but I think he's the next Mr. O. if Ronnie retires before dexter is out of his prime. Jay is done IMO.
Dexter did look fantastic. I thought he could have taken second place but I guess the judges didn't think so. Jay looked great as usual though! I read on flexonline that Jay edged out Cormier by only one point!
They made up ground on him since the Olympia,,,,,,,In 2004 it could be anybodys game....Jay will not win every event.........They will all have to wait another year if Ronnie shows up again,,,,
Between those 3, Dexter has them in the front, and cormier hgas them from the back. Jay is not in contention with either of them really. Ruhl looked awesome, he should have been somewhere in the top 3. I think it should have went

c. cormier
Günther Schlierkamp is looking awsome (well balanced pyhsique). In my opinion he should have placed higher. I would have placed him second. But that´s me....