Avena Sativa


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Has anybody seen the real stuff with the high potency of the cides like 20:1 or just the GNC brand and its ilk with basically less than 10:1?

Oh and does anybody agree it helps reduce SHBG thereby helping your free to bound testosterone ratio?

I would like to mention I gave my special girl Avena Sativa
and It lit her pussy on fire. The only thing that could put out the fire was my fire hose. Avena Sativa really works bro's for your broette.
who was the guy that used to say that he had the original real stuff and that the newer stuff is fake because it was so expensive to make? i remember he was pushing some product that came from some guy in some other country and everyone was ordering it. they said it tasted and smelled real nasty. who was that guy again and what ever happened to that stuff??