b12 for injections ?


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i was wndering if you can get b 12 for injections otc or do you have to search other avenues?

any insight will be greatly appreciated

no flaming either you mofo's. he pm'd me and i did't have an answer for him. i have never used B12 so I am also interested in an answer.
Jusy an FYI, cause this won't help you US guys, but it is OTC in Canada.

In the US you have to get from a Vet Supply house.
Speaking of Vets, I remeber my cat was always sleepy so I got him some B12 from http://www.usmerchant.com/calvet/cat/286.asp

It didnt seem to do much. I thought it was more of a waste to use so I quit giving it to him after about 2 months. He didnt have increased hunger or anything. I just let him take a regular vitamin now and hes just fine.
billy, health wise if your cat was coming down with something did the b 12 injections help at all. like with a cold etc,etc
Yup, it did actually. He gave it to his girlfriend at the time when she was sick and it helped her too. He has since dumped her ass and as you can see my other cat in the pic. Her name is FINA hahahahah
In fact, my cat has had a bit of a cold and is goign to take 2ml right now. Thanks for reminding me of that point!