Back again, 22 , 5'10 and 225 bigger than ever.


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This time I have no oils sitting in my shoulders/arms, put on about an inch on my arms while losing a bit of bodyfat, feeling great :)
I have recently added 8 IU's of HGH + 20 IU of insulin a day to my regimen.


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You look like you have a good deal of mass but there is very little to go by with just a shot of your upper body with a wifebeater on...

gram of tren

so vain
you over-oiled your arms to the point of looking silly, you over-oiled your medial head of your delts to the point of looking silly.
I guess thats why they say dont do steroids at 22, u do stupid shit like inject oil in ur body without worrying about shit but size... i did steroids my first time at 23, it was given to me as a birthday present by my sister who i didnt grow up with. I wiah i waited a bit, im 5'11, maybe i wouldda got taller lol


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