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I know this is a newbie question..
but where the hell do you get the bands?

i have found them on these are them im sure. I dont know whats good or not

how many sets do i need, i have never used them before, and im solely seeking my workouts through bands, due to work *ive been away from home for 3 months, and this is the only way i can work out*

Ive searched for pullnbigs bench workout w/ the bands, but i had no luck.

soooo my question is..

1. what are good bands?
2. what accessories do i need ie. bench ect.
3. thanks for the help guys



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from what I saw from canvassing, there are:

hardware bands
fitness aerobic bands
and actual powerlifting bands that you can buy online.

from what I know, bands are for speed-strength. to work on your explosiveness.


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roccodart440 said:
YOu can utilize bands for anything you want progressive resistance on.

Yup, i prefer chains though, as i don't get stuck in a fixed plain. But i also used bands for all kinds of shit like pullthroughs (actually find them better than with the pulley) and just about anything else you want to do. I do alot of pullaparts and tri pushdowns with them.


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but back to my questions...where is the best place to get them, and what accessories would i going from a gym to this being my primary workout...and would i still be able to cycle with them?