BDL?...any guys try it?


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Been considering it for a while...their tren/prop/eq combo has me all excited =-], But any bros tried any of the gear yet?
Good to see you here Nekrawulf. As far as BDL, never used it myself but have heard some pretty positive feedback.
Thnx Big, glad to be back....still in the proccess of moving, but things arent quite so hectic now..oh btw the combo is 75 tren/ 75 prop/ 100 eq

makes me shiver thinking about it=-]...

I might give it a go next month!
Two Thumbs Up for BDL. Bro, take it from me......this stuff is tops. One of my personal favorites!!!!!

Bump to the fine gentlemen of BDL!!!!!

ill be suing the same combo soon. almost creamed myself when i saw it as it was what i was gonna cycle anyways. i just wish the eq was fast acting too but all well. maybe they can use eq no ester. that would be bad ass