been fixed


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I was fixed a couple years ago,now on first cycle and I cant believe how good I feel,I have my sexual energy back,feel younger no joint pain,(32yo)Im wondering if it would be worth talking to my doc (the one that snipped my boys) to see if that would drop my natural test level, if so If I would be able to get the hook up on test patch or something ,Im blown away on my current improvement on quality of life.any docs think these s/s are in my head or is that a common problem with a vasectomy
I'll bet your urologist will tell you it's a figment of your imagination, and so would I a few years ago, but I'm starting to wonder about this. Personal experience, as well as reading I've done.
Find an anti-aging doc or open-minded endocrinologist; they'd be more likely to agree than a urological surgeon (they do vasectomies for a living; innate conflict of interest).
Only way to show this definitively is to go off, recover, and get baseline test levels.
I had a vasectomy about 8 years ago and got it reversed in January. There is no difference. I asked my urologist and he knows I juice. I learned more from him than any mag or board could ever teach. Its your brain that stimulates almost everything for test etc. But I dont feel any different than from when I was snipped.
their is no advantage such as less joint pains.

I would never let em cut me. My friend for some odd reason wants it done he don't even have a girlfriend.

I tried to talk him out of it will have to pay for out of his pocket..for the life of me I don't see why he wants it done so badly. BTW hes in his mid 30's and has no kids nor sex life lol...

I think he wants the nurses to shave his balls for a cheap thrill.
thats true it hurt like hell,funny though the day after the operation I went to tough man and kicked this guys ass! my wife was freakin out!