beginner lookin for some help


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Hey all..since i cant get anyone to answer in the anabolic picture forum ill try here gonna start my first cycle monday..I just got the QV 100 winny..what im curious to know is what is the best way to get good muscle gains (hoping for 10-20lbs) and what type of workout should i be doing while im on this for max results..also would 25g 1" pin be the best to use for injections..just throw ur 2 cents out there for me i would appreciate it..thanks
some people have no problem with Winstrol (winny) by the second week my elbows are killing and my hair thins a bit but i also was using 37mgs of fina..if you dont have these sides which there are many people who dont but just pointing it out so you could recognize symptoms when it occurs..

its a 10 cc bottle(just guessing, could be 50ml but have no intrest in Winstrol (winny) at all)..i would stack with some test then 20lbs is possiable Winstrol (winny) alone wont get you 20lbs as far as i know.

how many cycles have you done??

Winny is one of my fav types of gear. I dont like tt or qv or any other mexican shit, I keep my supply of zambons. 10-20 lbs is a lot for a Winstrol (winny) only cycle. I suggest finding a diet and traiing routine to better suit your goals and use the Winstrol (winny) to help get you their. dont just ask for all the answers at once. Good luck!