Best Anti-e's?????


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Ok, which anti-e is would be the best to use?
Liquid Aromasin
Oral Aromasin
Liquid Letrozole (femera)

Also, what doses are the best for the liquids and how are they administered?
liquid aromasin and oral aromasin are the same assuming they are both legit. the liquids are measured with a syringe. dose the same as a pill. which one is best depends on your cycle and how much the estrogenic sides effect you. aromasin is the strongest if thats what you wanna know
Aromasin binds permanently to the aromatase enzyme. The others bind temporarily. Your body makes more enzymes each day thus you need to dose accordingly. You can get away with less aromasin, than letrozole or arimidex.

In the end it's a question of how high your AS dose and what type.

I had the best results w/ letrozole when my test levels were a gram/ week. Closer to the show I will use aromasin.