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need opinions on the best cycle to grow and cut at the same time..include dosages and post cycle gear too!!
ty bros:newbie:
im 35
did a 10 week Sustanon (sust) cycle.....gain about 30 lbs...of fat,muscle water

5'11 220 bout 24% bf

Your best bet is to get your bodyfat down first, and so I would advise you doing more of a cutting cycle first ,then hitting a growth cycle right after that...

you cant grow and cut at the same time. To grow you need a surplus of calories, to cut you need a deficit, no steroid can change that. What I've done and it worked well was bulk for say 8 weeks, then turn it into a cutting cycle, but you cant do both at once
Best cycle I ever had for both growth and conditioning was (but keep in mind that I had not trained for 6 months prior to this cycle and a ton of the muscle gains were due to muscle memory)

wk 1-14* -- Testex Cyp. 500mg/wk
wk 1-6 -- Generic Anavar from Spain 40 mg/ed
wk 4-14 -- Zambon Winstrol (winny) 50 mg/ed
wk 4-14 -- Homebrew Fina 150 mg/eod

I stayed on Test after that cycle as I prefer to stay on small amounts of Test when "Off" in order to avoid from losing any gains made during a cycle. This is not seen as conventional here on the boards and I dont recemmend this to your average rec. bb'er. But basically that is why you see me running the Test right up to the end with the Fina and Winstrol (winny). Normally someone would stop the Cyp. 2 weeks before the end of the Fina and Winny.
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needsize said:
you cant grow and cut at the same time. To grow you need a surplus of calories, to cut you need a deficit, no steroid can change that. What I've done and it worked well was bulk for say 8 weeks, then turn it into a cutting cycle, but you cant do both at once

BLAM - he's right. I would also prefer to split them up and also putting 8 weeks in between each cycle. It's safer that way.
I'd go with prop/tren/winny for a good cutter.

prop 50 mgs/ed week 1-12
tren 75 mgs/ed week 1-12
winny 50 mgs/ed weei 6-12
Test and tren for could add Winstrol (winny) or d-bol, but I'd say keep it simple b/c it sounds like you are just beggining, but I apologize if I'm wrong in assuming that

75mg tren ED and 500mg a week of the test of your choice would be great for your goals, for 8-12 weeks, with ana or letro during and after and clomid therapy after
If you REALLY want to get cut then I would advise spending some more time on the diet board. Not to flame but it seems like so many people that are new to the game want everthing handed to them. Now after you drop some bodyfat you could go with a test-tren cycle or my fav test-winstrol. Good luck.
Yeah I just noticed that, 24% bf is something you should deal with first before you start trying to bulk or grow. You shouldn't even need a cutting cycle to cut that bf in half, but if you're dead set on using gear to cut I'd just suggest a little tren.
Here is something from the "my cycle" forum from a few months ago. Should be a little helpful.

Or just read the first part below if you don't want to go back and forth between links.

In my opinion, this is the best cycle for cutting. I did something very similar and lost several %points of fat while still gaining 14 pounds. The only negative I can say is it was very hard to stay at the bf% I was at after finishing, even while continuing to eat clean.

1 100ed ---- ---- *100ed----------6ed-------------
2 100ed ---- ----- 100ed----------6ed-------------
3 100ed 75ed 50ed 100ed-- *6ed--------------------
4 100ed 75ed 50ed 100ed-- 6ed---------------------
5 100ed 75ed 50ed 100ed----------6ed
6 100ed 75ed 50ed 100ed----------6ed
7 100ed 75ed 50ed 100ed----6ed----------*---50ed
8 100ed 75ed 50ed 100ed----6ed----------*---50ed
9 100ed 75ed 50ed -----------------6ed----*---50ed
10 100ed 75ed 50ed ----------------6ed----*---50ed
11 Begin HPTA recovery and clen again

*eq - frontload 300 day 1. Mixed daily with prop for more consistent levels and less pain.
*clen - start with 3 pills and work up to 6 daily; continue at 6 for the duration of use.
*T3 - 1122334 4455555 4444333 3222211

Optional - weeks 1-3 with 50mg/day dbol to really kickstart (the anastrozol will keep the water off).

HPTA recovery:
HCG - 500IU's every Sat/Sun, or 500IU's/day weeks 9 and 10.
Clomid - 300 day1, 200 day2, 100 days3-14, 50 days 15-21, 50 eod 22-35.
Nolvadex - 40mg day 1, 20mg day 2-14.
Liquidex - 1mg eod throughout entire cycle

WATER: 1-2 gal/day
L-Glutamine: 15mg/day (5 post workout, 10 spread evenly through day)
Creatine: 10mg/day (5 post workout w/insulin spiker, 5 spread evently through day)
L-Ornithine: 500mg/day
L-Arginine: 500mg/day
Multi Vitamin
Omega 3's
Milk Thistle / Tyler's Liver Detox
R-ALA: 100-300mg before carb meals
Vitex (or 1.25mg bromo am/pm if you can take it)

Ignore the food pyramid - it's completely wrong.

Cut out all liquor/alcohol, saturated fats / trans-fatty acids, starches (potatoes, white breads, white rice, white pastas, and any other refined carbs), sodium, chocolate (or other foods with very high glycemic loads).

Try to get many of your calories from polyunsaturated / omega3 fats - these have 9 cal/gram instead of 4 from protein or carbs.

Get 1-2g protein/pound and spread it evenly through the day, but make sure to get a lot after training. Spike your insulin levels immediately following workout. Follow with 40-50g protein and avoid all fats while your insulin levels are still high. Most people gain more from protein derived from real food (chicken breasts, tuna/fish, extra-lean ground beef, steak, egg whites. I think the low carb protein shakes are digested easier than food when you drink it before bed or whenever you wake up to pee. I always have one premade with some glutamine in an insulated cup and I drink about half each time I wake up (I had to pee frequently while drinking 1.5+ gallons of water while on fina).

Throughout the day eat some carbs with each protein meal to help with uptake. Eat more of your complex carbs in the morning and taper them off through the day. Oatmeal, whole-wheat pasta, or brown Basmati rice are good carb meals. Veggies are good for the evening. Fiber is important also.

Final note - Sleep. Even though you may feel great with 5 hours a night and an hour nap during the day, that's not nearly as beneficial as 8 solid hours of sleep at night. (and of course, training!)

Those are the basics I could think of off the top of my head. This definitely works for me and completely transforms my body, but I can't keep it up year round. If you do ever go from this lifestyle back to eating "normal", just be aware that your body may rebound once it is exposed to all the typical daily foods that are high fats and spike your glycemic levels. The worst thing to see is when someone pigs out immediately following their cycle while their cortisol and estrogen levels are high and endogenous test levels haven't returned yet - that's when their gains just melt away.

"Little Monster"
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If you're dieting you don't need to throw in 4 different steroids or use hefty dosages. All you need to do is take enough of whatever to maintain muscle mass (nitrogen balance) while dieting.

Personally, if I was dieting I'd go with 20mg/day of oxandrolone. Besides being mild, it has some interesting fat-burning properties that other steroids don't.