best Sustanon (sust) 250 Vet gear to get in TJ?

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best Sust 250 Vet gear to get in TJ?

can someone recomend me some Sust 250 Vet gear that is a little bit more reasonable moneywise than the redijects by organon? also, does the vet gear hurt more to inject than the redijects? i need to pick up another 7 weeks worth and dont really want to walk across the border with 14 redijects in my backpack... so i guess 1 bottle of 20cc's would be better... thanks
theres 5 cc bottle of supertest 250. i asked about it before and it seems to be dirty from what everyone said. it costs from 20 to 25 dollars. then there is the 10 cc bottle of supertest 250 which costs from 30 to 35 bucks. both from tornel. i have not tried it yet but will do so eventually. also, it seems to be underdosed and either over or underfilled from what i gathered on this forum. if thats the case just dose higher and buy more than you need. it costs half or less what organon redijects cost so if you dont mind the lesser quality, go for it.
not many fakes,loffler makes a sust,and I think some pharms have sostanon 250,and ready jects.If its sust u want I wouldnt go to mex for them,better off getting cyp or enanthate.
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i am also hearing about tesosterona 250 by QV. anybody ever use it? results?

sm, well QV 250 is not a combination of tests........its actually 250mgs of Testosterone Enanthate.
ok, thanks for the info... the thing is i dont want to bring a bunch of redijects across the border with. would rather just get a couple of
10 cc bottles and do it that way. thanks.