Best way to make femera solution (mods nobody reads the other board)


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Best way to make femera solution

I have 1000mgs of femera powder on the way. What would the best solvent be? I would use just water, but it's gonna take a while to use it up at 1-2mg a day so the water may go stagnant. The lowest I can weigh it with my scale on hand is that is the lowest amount of powder I could work with. Is there a kit somewhere I could get?
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I tied to suspend 1gram letrozole in 100ml of everclear. Which would make it 10 mg/ml. So 1/4 ml would be 2.5 mg dose. It did not suspend very well in that solution. Whether the concentration was too high or that it was maybe just a poor choice of solvent solution. I should have done more research first.
sounds like the solution was to potent, but everclear is a good solvent. i hope you didnt throw it away, i wouldve played with it, like adding extra solvents, like ba or bb or something