big ass knot in my shoulder


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Im in my 7th week of Q. V. 250. 2cc a week i bumped it up a half a cc and injected in my shoulder. It didnt get any sorer than usual but swolled up a lot and got a real hard knot in it about an inch down my arm from my point of injection. most of the swelling has went down but the knot is still there it feels like it is loosing up some but now its getting really red. Its only been about 5 days should i be worried. maybe it was just to big a shot and will go away. Most all the soreness has went away but the knot scares me any suggestions execpt not to shoot that much in my shoulder again.
The QV ethantate (which I assume you are using) is known for being painful due to a high BA content... that would be my guess...try massaging the knot and putting a warm water bottle on it...
couple of questions. did u use a contimented pin? or did u use a brand new one? did u use rubbing alc? 2 1/2 cc is okay in the shoulder. i dont want to assume.. but i think you got an infection. give it another day if it doesnt swell down see a doc and he will put u on some antibiotics. btw does the knot feel warm??? you noticed its getting red, its infection. guys correct me if im wrong plz. once again if it dosnt swell down and the reddish skin colour doesnt fade by tommorow then u need a doctor. dont hold back.
i used to wonder about the guys on here that complained about pain and all, but my last cycle had qv enan in it and on the 3rd bottle i wanted to quit... first 2 no probs... first shot with 3rd bottle in the quads left a baseball knot..i couldn't walk literally..i told everyone that i thought i had torn a quad muscle...for days i ate ibuprophen, used a heating pad and a massaging tool...needless to say the last few weeks of my cycle i dreaded my shots.. every one knotted up..
The swelling has went down alot, now the redness looks more like bruises. I definetly always use a clean point and use alcohol on everything.
most likely just passed through a vein dude... hurts like a bitch but keep an eye on it, dont want to get a infection,
You better knot mention that again cocksucka! <The Goat> Hey bro, just like johnnyblaze said, there is no harm in seeing a doc. Your business is confidential anyway. Unless of course you needed emergency surgery. My brother-in-law had the same thing. His redness spread big time. Like 6-8" around the area. He did not use alcohol, and the dumbshit was out of new pins so he decided to recycle. :dumbass:
It went away after about week and a half or so.
It sounds like an inflammatory reaction that is resolving. These things occur a lot and are usually NOT infections.
But, as has been noted by others, if redness/warmth WORSENS over time, get on antibiotics. Better safe than sorry when dealing w/ cellulitis (soft tissue infection).
Thanx alot bros positive k to all for your helpful info. Feels good now just looks freaky. I was still able to have a good shoulder work out today so hopefuly it helped work it out some. Ill just watch it close and if it gets worse in any way Ill just see a doc.
yea i'm on my first cycle, and I injected 250mg of QV on monday and its still sore, its going down a bit and its all knotted up, and a bit red, did my right cheek yesterday and its just as sore as the first shot was.
I had the same thing happen to me and it went away after about a week, but I understand your concern because I was freaking out . I thought it was abscess!

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